NCB burst drugs racket on a cruise liner, detain Bollywood star's son

MUMBAI: In a late Saturday evening crackdown the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) conducted a raid at a party going onboard a cruise ship Cordelia cruise liner's Empress ship at the Ballard Pier port in Mumbai and apart from seizing illegal drugs such as cocaine, hashish, charas, Mephedrone and Ecstasy, and they have detained several people including the son of a Bollywood superstar.

The NCB officials said that they had a confirmed tip-off that during the party at the cruise ship that was slated to depart for Goa and return in two days time, a large quantity of drugs would be peddled, sold and consumed. 

Accordingly, NCB officials entered the ship disguised as passengers and then conducted the raid and seized the narcotics from several people attending the party and detained them, who were taken to the agency office in Mumbai. 

The son of the Bollywood superstar is among those who have been detained under the provisions of Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, (NDPS) 1985, although he has not yet been formally arrested as the agency official will be questioning him and others about the source of the drugs that were seized from them.

Officials said that the drugs were hidden in the luggage, cleverly concealed in hand ladies bags that were being carried by those who have been detained. 

According to protocol, the detainees will have to be examined by a medical team and blood samples will be collected to determine the drugs into their blook that would prove the consumption. 

The party organised on board was supposed to be a mega event and the entry was priced at around Rs 80,000 per person. The cruise liner carrying around 1,800 passengers according to reports several celebrities were on board.


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