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It’s the era of independent journalism, where you, the reader matter the most

Lookout Media is a fairly young and independent news organization, established something on the lines of a news cooperative, which essentially means that news reporters, analysts and journalists with substantial years in the profession, collaborate and contribute to bring you quality content, news and analysis, on a regular basis, on our digital platform.

In this new age era, when the print is slowly but surely getting redundant and where ‘Fake News’ is becoming more and more sophisticated, and as we increasingly see media houses turning as promoters of vested interest groups, both political as well as of commercial houses, we believe in curating only the most credible, unbiased and well researched content. So if you like our initiative and our content, then your support will go a long way in keeping us inspired and encouraging.

How could you support?

There are several ways in which you, our reader can support, the most important one being making a contribution. To be really very candid, we do not know how to put it across, so we haven’t put up a payment gateway page or pay here form, but if you would like to make a monetary contribution, we would be happy to hear from you, please use the 'contact us' form and we will reach out with our details for remittance.

No media can live or survive without its readers, sharing one of our stories or articles will give us more eyeballs and will mean a lot to us. Sharing an article with friends and colleagues, through your messaging apps and social media channels will be one of the most helpful ways to support us.

Tell us a story, write for us. The model of our organization is collaborative in nature, and we strongly believe that every credible story should be told, so, if you have an interesting story, detailed and padded with credible information to share as an article, please do sent it to us. We will ensure that it will be checked, reworked if necessary and get carried on our portal.

Give us your feedback. Readers' feedback is something that we value the most, so please feel free to write to us with your suggestions. Though we cannot offer any excuses, to be candid we are not immune to minor errors creeping in, do write to us if you find some error or you feel something is not correct and we will get it checked and set it right.