Why good hygiene is very important during monsoons?

MUMBAI: Monsoons are here and it gives some respite from the heat and dryness. The rainfall rejuvenates the natural surroundings and breathes life into every nook and corner. However, the same monsoon season can also lead to the proliferation of many water-borne diseases and infections across the area. This is why hygiene becomes an essential part to ensure that we stay healthy and disease-free during the monsoon season.

During monsoons, your risk of being exposed to multiple viruses, bacteria, and other infections is many times higher than in any other season. The main reason is the high moisture content in the air that enables harmful microorganisms to thrive and spread, resulting in the transmission of several diseases. Many of these monsoon diseases remain undiagnosed until they affect a major health aspect negatively.

Mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria, and chikungunya pose a significant health risk during the monsoon season and in several parts of the country, they are already spreading. One of the main reasons is monsoon season brings with it an abundance of stagnant water. The rainfall leads to water logging in various areas, resulting in the accumulation of stagnant water that becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and other insects. These insects, in turn, spread infections such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya and others. To avoid this, we must ensure that we do not allow any kind of standing water to accumulate near our homes. We must also ensure that we keep our surroundings clean at all times.

Early diagnosis and a few basic preventive and hygiene measures can keep you stay safe during this deadly season of diseases in India. Another factor that makes hygiene essential during the monsoon season is the propensity for infections to spread quickly, if possible wear a mask in public and disinfect your hands.

Since the weather is humid, it forms the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to multiply. This makes it easier for infections like flu, cold, and cough to spread from one person to another. Hand hygiene, therefore, becomes crucial during this season. 

One must wash their hands with soap and water regularly and avoid touching their faces with dirty hands. Furthermore, it becomes even more critical for people who come in direct contact with patients to follow hand hygiene protocols.

In conclusion, hygiene is essential during any season, but it becomes even more crucial during the monsoon season. As long as we take the necessary precautions and follow proper hygiene practices, we can enjoy the rains without the fear of getting unwell.


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